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We have over 30 years of research and design expertise within the textile industry.

Sally Cowan Limited's first project was for GB Archery, reviewing the shirt they were then wearing, and developing a new design for both the men and women's team. Sally sees this now as her trying to see if she could deliver in sport, and it turns out successfully.

It led to her working with the British Cycling team in 2006 ahead of the Beijing Olympics. With this team, it was clear there were many different requirements, opinions and ideas to work through and develop, but ultimately British Cycling wanted gains for being faster on the bike and this is what Sally could help bring to life,  through design to prototype to creation.

Sally Cowan UK Design Garment Sports Prototyping Process Sowing Garment Development
Sally Cowan UK Design Garment Sports Prototyping Process Fabric Cutting Garment Development

Thinking outside of the box is Sally Cowan Limited’s ethos. The team regularly visit fabric fairs and utilise specialist textiles from other industries, such as the medical industry, in order to help athletes achieve the next level of sporting success.