Improving Health

We can help prevent injury and increase your sporting endurance with our bespoke garment solutions.

Tailoring highly specialised and precision engineered garments for clients such as:

"Developing aerodynamic sports clothing and equipment is a collaboration that aims to deliver the best compromise between the aerodynamic optimum, practicality, robustness and cost."

Dr.Robert Lewis OBE. Director Totalsim Limited

From compression to flexibility. From being protective, to maintaining its fit.

We create garments that have a lot of work to do. It all starts with choosing the latest, cutting-edge fabrics in order to create a durable, and completely bespoke solution that will help support you in reaching your long-term sporting goals.

Sally Cowan UK Design Garment Improving Health Sportswear Prototype

We put your health and wellbeing first by custom-engineering solutions you didn't even know were possible.

We're all about helping you gain long-term health benefits. At Sally Cowan Limited, we have contributed to over 100 Olympic medals, and believe a winning performance is based on many components.